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  • The Coda® System consists of the Coda® Positve Pressure Unit, Coda® ECO™1500, Coda® ECO™ 1200, CodaAir® 900 , CodaAir® 800,   Coda®Aero® 700, Coda®Aero® 500, Coda® Incubator Unit, Coda® SP, Coda®2 Incubator Unit, Coda® Filters, Coda® Regular Inline® Filters, and Coda® Xtra Inline® Filters.
  • The Coda® Positive Pressure Unit, Coda® ECO™ 1500, Coda®ECO™ 1200, CodaAir® 900, CodaAir® 800, Coda® Aero® 700, and Coda®Aero® 500, filter the air in your laboratories, procedure rooms and working environments.
  • The Coda® Incubator Unit, Coda® SP and Coda®2 Incubator Unit filter CACs & VOCs within your incubator and environmental chamber.
  • Coda® Regular Inline® Filters and Coda® Xtra Inline® Filters, filter your incoming gas lines.
  • Toxic Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs), Chemical Air Contaminants (CACs) and particulates impact your laboratories, work areas, working surfaces, medias, oils, specimens, tissues and your micro-environments such as incubators and environmental chambers.
  • Coda® improves air quality in your incubator and in your laboratory and improves embryo and cell development and results.
  • Current research shows that indoor air environments can present the greatest potential health risk as pollutant concentrations can be 8 to 10 times more toxic than outdoor air.
  • Coda® filters are manufactured in a clean room environment, inspected and tested, and the filters are gamma irradiated.
  • The Coda® System has proven to be successful in over 300 clinics worldwide. These patented products continually decontaminate from the inside-out.