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LifeGlobal® Media
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LifeGlobal®, THE ART MEDIA COMPANY was established to meet the industry needs for high quality, specially designed media products. Our products are designed with the nutritional needs of the human embryo in mind, and with the best quality and tested ingredients. Years of research and experience have been put into our products, offering you the best quality and performance.

LifeGlobal® media line stands out in the market for its excellent quality, performance and quality controls. Clinical results in multiple centers worldwide have proven that LifeGlobal® media offers consistent and comparable results.

LifeGlobal® Research and Development is directed by a renowned international scientific committee to assure the highest quality and performance of our specialized ART media products.

LifeGlobal® delivers you ‘Fresh Media’ with improved quality, ingredients and useful life. This improved ‘Freshness’ is your assurance that our media will retain stability and purity, with less ammonia buildup.

Quality is not just a statement, it is our ongoing focus and dedication. Our quality assurance program meets and exceeds all the international standards for medical devices and pharmaceuticals. High quality ingredients, water, manufacturing process, quality monitoring system. Lot-to-lot consistent results (pH, osmolality, LAL, MEA) proven by customers in comparative studies to assure compatibility and to prevent osmolality or pH shock to gametes and embryos.