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GPS® Dishware
Pioneer Pumps

GPS® Dishware products are specifically designed, manufactured, tested and certified for IVF and other sensitive culture. All GPS® Dishware products have structured micro wells eliminating collapsing and mixing droplets with concave bottoms for easier and faster cell location. The GPS® Dishware line provides specific innovative designed dishes to be used for specific procedures to increase safety, improve culture performance, and reduce time of procedure.

All our dishes have self-contained wells with GPS which allows the use of defined measured amounts of medium and allows rapid identification of each specimen. Rapid identification means that the embryos can be returned to their controlled environment sooner.

The GPS® Dishware design gives you safety in a 'drop-less environment'. Its structured walls far surpass droplets for handling safety because the there is no possibility of moving collapsing droplets. Its overall design lets you use any medium and to quickly apply the oil overlay.

All of our dishes give you a clearer, thinner dish bottom for better optics and more uniform temperature control.

Our specially designed lid prevents dish sealing and better CO2 exchange.

We only use non-toxic, medical grade, non-pyrogenic polystyrene and all dishes pass strict 1-cell MEA, endotoxin and sterility testing by an independent company.

All dishes are FDA compliant and CE registered, and are manufactured by our ISO9001:2000 and ISO13485:2003 companies. Made in the USA.