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Coda®2 Kit

For your incubator and gas line. Coda®2 Unit is placed on the top shelf of the incubator. An economical start up kit: (Value $2500). Comes complete with: 1 Coda®2 Unit, 1 Connector Set, 6 Coda® Filters, 1 Coda® Inline® Filter Magnet, 1 Coda® Xtra Inline® Filter (FREE), 1 Coda® Passthru Device. Coda® Inside your incubator has proven to remove VOCs and CACs. Particulates that can potentially inhibit any cell culture development.

global® Fast Freeze® System

global® Blastocyst Fast Freeze® Kit: DMSO-free, Three-step Fast Freeze®, Glycerol & Ethylene Glycol as Cryoprotectants, global® w/HEPES as the base medium, More time available during loading, Closed sealable system, Regular straws, No tiny non-sealable devices, Embryos protected during transport, High survival rate.

global® Fast Freeze® Thawing Kit: Five-step gradual re-hydration, through reducing concentrations of sucrose, global® w/HEPES as the base medium, easy to learn, easy to pass on to new staff, clinically tested, used in over 20 clinics in North and South America, the principals of the protocol have led to the birth of over 300 babies.

global totalglobal® total®

global® supplemented with LGPS (v/v10%) ready-to-use. May be used form Day 1 to Blastocyst or through Day 2, 3, 4, or 5 transfers. Shelf Life 10 weeks from the date of production.

Coda® Aero 500

The Coda® Aero 500 is small, compact and versatile. It has coverage of 300 to 600 square feet. It has 8 to 14 air exchanges per hour. Filters are changed every three months.

LifeGuard® Oil

Pharmaceutical Grade Source High purity viscous mineral oil, washed, sterile filtered, low endotoxin, MEA tested. Designed to "safeguard®" the human embryos from any environmental effects and help maintain pH and temperature. Shelf Life: 2 years from the date of release.

Coda® ECOTM 1200

The Coda® EcoTM 1200 offers large capacity purification with our 4 Stage Filter System.It has coverage of 800 to 1800 square feet. It has 8 to 27 air exchanges per hour.

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