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About LifeGlobal / CooperSurgical
Welcome to LifeGlobal / CooperSurgical: an ISO 13485 and Health Canada certified medical company committed to stringent quality control. The home of leading brands for the human IVF, stem cell and mammalian embryo culture.

Our mission is to bring the most advanced technologies, products, and services to the market to help improve embryo and cell culture.

LifeGlobal / CooperSurgical works closely with scientists and research leaders who are dedicated to the advancement of all aspects of embryo development and cell culture. We work together to advance and lead the industry with unique products and technologies that may improve results and increase safety.

Some of the successful brands offered exclusively through LifeGlobal / CooperSurgical are: LifeGlobal® media products which include global® medium, the only proven single culture medium, as well as an entire family of global® media products, CodaAir® air purification systems, LifeGlobal® GPS culture dishes, Pioneer IVF aspiration pumps.

As a leader in the field, LifeGlobal / CooperSurgical has established itself as a leading media provider to Human IVF clinics worldwide. All of our media for human embryo culture are routinely tested on mouse embryos, so whether you are a stem cell or human IVF facility we have products with a long history of success in a regulated environment. Behind the product offering is a network of well-known experts in the field who have spent years guiding the development of the products and refining the protocols for their use.

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