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Setting up or remodeling ivf laboratories

Opening a New IVF Lab or Expanding your Existing Lab?

Are you opening a new IVF Lab? We provide consulting on how to set up a new lab.  If you need help setting up your new lab, please contact us at:, and our specialists will contact you.  Or you can call US/Canada 1-800-720-6375 or International 001-519-826-5800.

  • Are you opening or plan to open a New Lab?
  • Are you expanding or plan to expand your existing lab?
  • IVFonline has hired the best specialists and experts in the market worldwide with profound expertise in establishing and running the most successful IVF clinics in the world.
  • IVFonline offers you a complete solution package for all your needs, from design to soliciting equipment to supplies and accessories.
Lab Design

We offer expertise on the design and layout of your future IVF lab or the remodeling your existing one. LifeGlobal / CooperSurgical offers you the best up-to-date equipment technologies in the market: incubators, centrifuges, aspiration pumps, and Coda® Air Systems. We offer competitive prices by offering you bundling discounts. We will make sure you get the best deal and also make sure that all your equipment is running properly. We will also offer continuing support for any need in running the equipment properly.

Lab Supplies

By having access to all the suppliers in the market we will offer to you the best disposables with proven records and best prices. LifeGlobal® Media and GPS® Dishware.

Consulting Services

LifeGlobal / CooperSurgical offers you the best comprehensive laboratory consulting services for your lab.

Please let us know about your needs by contacting us, and our specialists will contact you.