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CodaAir® Systems

CodaAir® Systems

The Coda® System consists of the Coda® Positve Pressure Unit, Coda® ECO™1500, Coda® ECO™ 1200, CodaAir® 900 , CodaAir® 800,   Coda®Aero® 700, Coda®Aero® 500, Coda® Incubator Unit, Coda® SP, Coda®2 Incubator Unit, Coda® Filters, Coda® Regular Inline® Filters, and Coda® Xtra Inline® Filters.

Coda® improves air quality in your incubator and in your laboratory and improves embryo and cell development and results. Current research shows that indoor air environments can present the greatest potential health risk as pollutant concentrations can be 8 to 10 times more toxic than outdoor air.

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